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How our fees work

Our service has been designed to add value for investors and landlords. Our fees are competitive and offer the flexibility to sell with us, as the specialist in selling tenanted property, or your local agent too.

Sellers have the option to sell solely with Vesta or the flexibility to sign with other agents too, as well as earning rent up to completion if you tenant stays at home

Specialising in removing the friction of buying one or many income generating tenanted properties.

About our fees

We want to create a marketplace that offers value to the entire landlord and investor community

We are looking to raise the standards for how rental property is bought and sold. 

We focus on providing detailed insight and data about all of our properties including tenancy details, tenant history, location, property performance and investment analysis.

Protecting the sale and showing commitment

A third of UK property deals fall through. 

At Vesta we work closely with the Seller and the Buyer to help ensure a smooth transaction and to increase the likelihood of the deal completing.

Sellers have two options to choose from

Sell exclusively with Vesta, or opt for a multiple agent agreement

Sole Agent

1.2% commission*

Exclusively with Vesta

  • 1.2% commission (*subject to a min. of £1,500) inc. VAT
  • Due upon exchange of unconditional contracts for the sale of your property
  • Subject to £500 withdrawal fee - find out more below.

Multiple Agent

1.5% commission*

Sell with multiple agents

  • 1.5% commission (*subject to a min. of £1,500) inc. VAT
  • Due upon exchange of unconditional contracts for the sale of your property
  • Subject to £500 withdrawal fee - find out more below.

Add unlimited viewings package for £300 and we will take care of viewings for you.

Seller FAQs

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions by our sellers

What is included in the fee?

Price includes a detailed valuation, marketing pack and extensive financial insight

Comprehensive marketing targeting landlords, institutions and international investors

Includes listing on all major portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location

Vesta will work with you, the managing agent (if you use one) and the tenant to help ensure the selling process runs as smoothly and stress free as possible for all parties

Can I sell with another agent?

Yes. Whilst we would prefer Vesta having sole agency so we can manage the process with all parties, including the tenant, carefully; we understand that you may want to sell with more than one agent and opt for a multiple agent agreement.

When do I need to pay the fee?

Our Seller Fee is due at the exchange of unconditional contracts for your property, which is when you will receive our invoice. This is payable at completion or 28 days later, whichever is earlier, or as otherwise agreed with you.

How will I pay the fee?

The Seller Fee will be paid through your solicitor when funds for the sale of your property have been transferred to them.

Why is there a minimum fee of £1,500?

At Vesta we specialise in selling properties with tenants in place, which typically involves a higher amount of time, analysis and costs compared with estate agents who don’t specialise in these types of investment properties.

We also undertake extensive marketing to potential investors, including via our website, Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime location, Facebook, LinkedIn and email marketing to our own database of buyers. As a seller, you are able to continue to earn rental income throughout the period that we market your property and during the transaction process, which can easily amount to several months and hundreds or thousands of pounds of saved rental income.

Why does the multiple agent cost more?

It is normal practise to charge more when an estate agent has not been instructed on a sole agent basis. This is because the same amount of work is required to market the property regardless of the type of instruction – which is even more when it’s a tenanted property! –

Under a multiple agent agreement the risk to us is that the other agent may end up selling the property before we can. To account for this and ensure that we are able to cover some of our costs, we charge a higher commission for multi-agency.

Do I get a discount for multiple units?

Please contact us at if you are looking to sell a portfolio of properties or a block of apartments or a block of purpose-built student accommodation.

What happens after the six month period runs out?

Our agreement will continue after the initial period until either you or Vesta give 28 days’ notice in writing to terminate our agreement.  We will keep you updated and continue to market your property until you tell us otherwise.

What is the Withdrawal Fee and when is it due?

Our Withdrawal Fee is due if you request that we stop marketing your property during the initial period of our agreement or if you appoint us on a multiple agent basis and you accept an offer from a buyer that is not introduced by us during the initial marketing period.

This is to make sure that we can cover some of the costs if you decide to remove your property from us after we have already spent considerable efforts preparing it for investors, listing and/or marketing it extensively.

Make an offer

Talk to us when you are ready and when a Seller accepts your offer, we will manage the process to help finalise the details and support the transaction to completion

Buyer FAQs

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions by our buyers

Is there a buyer’s fee?

No Vesta does not charge a buyer’s fee.  We receive a commission from the Seller on Exchange or Completion.  In some instances where a buyer has retained Vesta to help source specific properties on their behalf we may agree a sourcing fee arrangement.

What if I need a mortgage?

Vesta has partnered with award-winning, professional specialist mortgage broker Coreco. To find out more visit:

Important Note

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Your capital is at risk. Property values may decline and the property might not be able to be rented at amounts sufficient to cover debt interest costs, operating expenses and liabilities, and might not result in a positive cash flow. Property is an illiquid asset and should not be viewed as a short-term investment.

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