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How it works

Some hints and tips around how the calculator works. We have added explanations to all of our calculations.


Enter property details

  • Purchase price or property value
  • Total monthly rent or the market rate you anticipate to get
  • Total number of property units (we use this to drive some of the costs)

Buying multiple properties? Simply enter the total purchase price, rent and number of units and the calculator will take care of the rest!


Enter financing details

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate

Buying with cash? Simply enter zero in the loan amount and interest rate.


Customise assumptions

  • Edit to your personal circumstances
  • Simply click on the + sign to expand

Items you can edit include: conveyancing fees, management and letting fees, insurance, voids, service charge and ground rent.

Property is freehold? No worries, just leave it blank.


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This calculator is a work in progress and we are planning on including tax, return on investment and future growth considerations so that you can measure up front whether it is a good deal.

If you have any feedback then please email us at

About this calculator

This calculator has been designed for Landlords and property investors who would like to quickly understand whether a deal stacks up!


The results have been divided into 3 sections:

  1. Earnings
  2. Costs
  3. Profits


Earnings section has 4 key metrics:

  1. Gross rent (per annum) before any operating costs or voids.
  2. Gross yield is gross rent divided by the purchase price.
  3. Net rent (per annum) minus estimated operating costs, including a provision for voids and maintenance
  4. Net yield which is the purchase price divided by net rent (per annum)


Costs section has 3 key metrics that you can click to understand the breakdown and assumptions

  1. Initial Investment includes deposit (purchase price minus any mortgage) plus stamp duty land tax, conveyancing fees, mortgage fees.
  2. Operating Costs includes a provision for voids, a fully managed & letting service (incl. VAT and finding tenants), provision for maintenance and property insurance.
  3. Mortgage Interest Payment is calculated on the loan amount and interest rate. If you have entered zero because you are buying in cash, this will appear as £0


This section includes one key metric.

  1. Annual pre-tax profits is your annual net cash flow calculated by subtracting operating costs and mortgage interest payment costs


You can click into each cost to understand assumptions or customise to your individual circumstances

Click '+ CUSTOMISE ASSUMPTIONS' to edit your costs



  • We have default to £1,000 so you can update to match your circumstances
  • If you have multiple properties, you will need to factor this in too



  • Currently it defaults to 10% of the rent collected (monthly rent - voids)
  • Remember this number needs include VAT of 20%


  • Insurance is default to 2% of rent, you can customise this to suit your insurance policy


  • The calculator defaults to 3 weeks which is what the market averages suggest
  • Remember when buying a tenanted property, you can remove voids as you will earn income from day 1


  • The calculator defaults to zero for both of these metrics.
  • If your property is subject to service charge and / or ground rent then input this number.


This calculator is a work in progress and we are planning to expand this further to include tax structures, return on investment and future growth considerations so that you can measure up front whether it is a good deal.

If you have any feedback then please email us at

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Your capital is at risk. Property values may decline and the property might not be able to be rented at amounts sufficient to cover debt interest costs, operating expenses and liabilities, and might not result in a positive cash flow. Property is an illiquid asset and should not be viewed as a short-term investment.

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